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Science of Pitching

Pitching Mechanics - How to create power and velocity from your lower body

Understanding and implementing correct lower body pitching mechanics is a fundamental aspect of optimizing pitching velocity. The departure from the rubber forms the foundation for a successful pitch delivery. Errors made early in this process can have a cascading effect on the rest of the motion, leading to a series of mistakes. Therefore, a precise departure from the rubber is paramount. At the initiation of the pitching motion, focusing on the lower body pitching mechanics is crucial to maximize pitching velocity. The first step is to generate pelvic load and initiate hip lead, pivotal for building momentum in the pitch. This hip lead is vital in achieving proper weight distribution, a critical factor in achieving optimal hip to shoulder separation upon landing. The angle of the hip lead should ideally fall within the range of 16 to 28 degrees or properly weight distribution. Continuing the sequence, maintaining the knee's position over the rubber while propelling the legs into extension generates maximum power and force toward home plate. As the front foot makes contact, the hips should rotation prior to the chest, resulting in increased hip to shoulder separation. This separation plays a pivotal role in increasing pitching velocity. Simultaneously, the moment the front foot strikes the ground, the arm should be observed rebounding off the scapula, creating scapular load. This loaded position acts as a slingshot mechanism, facilitating accelerated arm movement and enhancing arm speed. The synchronization of these elements must be impeccable to ensure peak velocity while minimizing strain on the arm. Subsequent to the scapular load, correct arm external rotation follows, leading to heightened spin rate and enhanced ball rotation. This, combined with the earlier generated arm speed, culminates in a velocity-generating sequence. This kinetic chain begins with the engagement of the lower half and legs, and eventually transferring all that energy throughout the arm at this exact point. As the torso rotates, the front knee undertakes a reversal, acting as the opposing leg in the delivery. This strategic movement accelerates the chest, allowing the arm more time to decelerate. In essence, the interplay between the upper and lower body timing, coupled with harnessing power from the lower half, contributes to optimal arm whip and rotation, ultimately resulting in maximum velocity.

In conclusion, the intricate coordination of lower body mechanics is pivotal in achieving optimal pitching velocity. Starting with a precise departure from the rubber, generating hip lead, and effectively translating energy from the lower half to the upper body leads to a powerful and velocity-enhancing pitching delivery.


Why does the Pitchers Power Drive hold the key to elevating pitching mechanics and velocity enhancement?

The Pitchers Power Drive serves as the guiding light in unraveling the mechanics of successful pitching, especially concerning velocity amplification. By inculcating this tool, pitchers learn the art of leveraging their lower body for generating pitch velocity. The Pitchers Power Drive masterfully instills the concept of achieving a hip lead spanning 16 to 28 degrees, a cornerstone of ideal pitching mechanics. Through this tool, pitchers gain an understanding of kinetic energy transfer, an elemental facet in boosting velocity. The learning process, enriched with auditory and kinetic feedback, engrains muscle memory in the pitching delivery, optimizing its efficiency.

Crucially, the Pitchers Power Drive operates without impeding a pitcher's natural movement – devoid of springs or counterweights that might compromise fluidity. This grants pitchers the freedom to organically amass momentum, reinforcing precise sequencing and optimal body postures, that increases velocity.


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Lance Lynn's pitching mechanics in slow motion

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Jay Lear introduced me to the Pitchers Power Drive during the 2010 All-Star break the feedback I got was immediate! This is not a gadget it's your own personal pitching coach and it works!"

Steve Foster - Colorado Rockies pitching coach

"Pitchers Power Drive is a great tool that helps baseball pitchers with their weight transfer it on only provides the picture with a balance transfer but gives auditory feedback so the pitcher can repeat his delivery this is a tremendous product for pitcher."

Rick Knapp - Assistant Major League Pitching / Rehab Coach

"Pitchers Power Drive is a tremendous training device that teaches Pitchers the correct way to transfer their way down the mound using their legs"

Derek Johnson - Director of Pitching Cincinnati Reds

"Pitchers Power Drive is a very nice tool we have been using the homemade keyboards for quite some time but it pale comparisons to this product. They are sturdy yet portable and the auditory click feature is great for giving prominent feedback, making it easy for Pitchers and coaches to to use. Using the lower half of the body is a hard concept for most pictures to understand yet alone important, so this may serve as another piece to solve that puzzle. Definitely a good tool for improving efficiency and velocity."

Craig Stammen - San Diego Padres

"Pitchers Power Drive was a wonderful new addition to my off-season training. Every picture is always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition and to maximize their ability. Pitchers Power Drive did both of these things for me in preparation for the upcoming major league baseball season. It's ability to help me consistently repeat my most efficient delivery is second to none. I would recommend the Pitchers Power Drive to any picture of any age!"


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Pitchers Power Stride


In baseball, a pitcher's success on the mound is largely determined by their ability to execute proper pitching mechanics. One of the most critical components of a pitcher's delivery is a proper departure from their knee lift, which sets up the rest of their pitch delivery. To achieve this, pitchers must understand the concept of pelvic load and powerful leg sweep to increase hip to shoulder separation and hip rotational speed, which, in result, will travel through the kinetic chain and increase pitching velocity.

When executed correctly, the pelvic load allows pitchers to maximize the use of their stronger lower body, creating power to increase their pitch velocity and accuracy. It also contributes to proper hip rotation through the landing phase and encourages front side closure, meaning the pitcher's chest and shoulder stay closed off to the hitter. This results in a stride that maximizes the force generated by the lower body and creates chest and arm extension at the point of release, leading to a more effective and efficient pitching delivery.

However, mastering this technique takes time and practice. Pitchers must train their muscle memory to develop proper pitching mechanics. The Pitchers Power Stride, which provides instant kinetic and visual feedback to help the pitcher feel and hear if they are moving their body the correct way down the hill. Using the Pitchers Power Stride will allow pitchers to establish and reinforce pelvic load while creating a more effective stride, leading to increased consistency and velocity in their pitches.

Another significant benefits of using the Pitchers Power Stride device is that it reinforces the importance of a good front posting leg and finish. If a pitcher does not post properly, the back leg can drag through and knock into the Pitchers Power Stride device. This feedback reinforces the importance of a strong posting leg and provides instant visual and multi-sensory feedback.  Pitchers Power Stride helps the pitcher easily correct this pitching mechanical flaw.

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