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Softball Power Drive - Softball Pitching Mechanics

The Softball Power Drive is an effective tool that significantly contributes to enhancing pitching mechanics and increasing velocity in fastpitch softball. The key reason why this device works so well is its ability to position the pitcher correctly upon departure from the rubber and facilitate optimal timing. Additionally, it effectively trains pitchers to generate power and exploit the ground to generate energy.

The Softball Power Drive ensures that pitchers are properly positioned when they leave the pitching rubber. This aspect is crucial because the initial movement and positioning of the pitcher greatly influence the overall pitch delivery. By providing a stable and consistent base, the device allows pitchers to establish a strong starting point, which is essential for maintaining balance and control throughout the pitching motion.

Another significant benefit of using the Softball Power Drive is its emphasis on driving and utilizing the ground to generate power. Pitchers who can effectively utilize their lower body and generate power from the ground up tend to experience improved pitching mechanics and increased velocity. The device encourages pitchers to engage their lower body, promoting a strong and explosive leg drive. This leg drive helps transfer energy from the lower body to the upper body, resulting in a more forceful power of the kinetic chain, resulting in increase velocity.

By incorporating the Softball Power Drive into their training routine, pitchers can develop a more efficient pitching motion and maximize their potential for increased velocity. The device assists in correcting any flaws or inconsistencies in the pitcher's mechanics, ensuring that they are utilizing their body effectively to generate power and deliver pitches with optimal speed and control.

In conclusion, the Softball Power Drive is a valuable tool that provides several benefits for fastpitch softball pitchers. Its ability to establish proper positioning, enhance timing, and promote the utilization of ground power contributes to the development of better pitching mechanics and increased velocity. By incorporating the Softball Power Drive into their training regimen, pitchers can experience significant improvements in their performance. 


Improve softball pitching mechanics

Make sure to watch the insightful video above, starring Amanda Scarborough. She provides an in-depth breakdown of essential body positions crucial for a successful softball pitching delivery. Learn how to harness power effectively while maintaining correct form. Amanda Scarborough's expertise unveils the intricate nuances of softball pitching mechanics, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to enhance your pitching prowess.



Teaches Proper Weight Transfer

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The Softball Toe Tunnel is an accessory to the Softball Power Drive which trains pitchers not to drag their heel as they drive off of the rubber. This is a great training tool for those pitchers that have the habit of rolling over their ankle/foot to a heel drag position. Heel drag acts like a boat anchor reducing power from stronger lower body which reduces pitching velocity. The placement of the Toe Tunnel was designed specifically to be in front of rubber at toe touch point to ground and extends out where heel drag occurs. It locks into the Softball Power Drives US Patent mount channel. Two models were designed for age appropriate training and practice reinforcement. A Youth model and Collegiate model. The Youth design supports proper training for less experienced pitchers with a narrower, longer and higher design. This also supports a smaller foot size. The training area dimensions are 7″ L x 5 3/4″ W x 5″ H. The Collegiate model is designed for experienced pitchers with a lower profile, shorter length and larger width to accommodate a larger foot size. The training area dimensions are 5″ L x 6 1/2″ W x 3 3/4″ H. All Power Drive Performance training aids are designed through thousands of lessons to allow proper practice to learn skills to increase game performance. Toe Tunnels are made 100% in the USA of American produced steel. Both models are available in metal or turf for use with cleats. They both are available in silver or black colors and come with a 5 year warranty. The best to your training!



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Pitchers Chalk Mats 

Pitchers Chalk Mats are designed with black turf for visual presentation of training and includes chalk for marking training points and written goals. The important pitchers stride line is highlighted with 4” of red turf, down the center of the mat. Step down rubber simulates game-like foot position. Teaches proper toe down mechanics for correct drive. Mat available in Foam Backing or Fleece Backing. Foam Backing  with skid pad is for hard surfaces such as wood, cement or tile.  Fleece Backing is made for indoor carpet or turf surfaces.

The Pitching Mats come in two sizes a 3X10 and a 3×3. 3’x3′ Mini mat is longer at 3 ft. vs. standard 24″-27″ mini mats. Extra foot adds more room for Power Drive and Toe Tunnel mounting, more Fastpitch toe drag area for visual measurement & increases mats anti skid contact floor surface.  Heavy duty 100% USA construction. Extremely thick and dense turf mat. Spike proof 36 oz. turf weight per square yard. Weight is 109 oz. per square yard with height of turf height at 3/4 inch. Built to last for all ages, youth through professional. 2 year warranty, unlike any other hitting mat in the industry.

Softball Power Drive pitching mat


Step down rubber

Extremely thick and dense turf

Foam Backing or Fleece Backing

sise 3X10 or 3×3

Heavy duty 100% USA construction

2 year warranty

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