Power Drive Performance Sled


  2015 American Baseball Coaches Assosciaton "Best of Show" New Product Innovation

                                   Awarded by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper

                Skill Training while at same time Conditioning Lower Body for Power

                                  Includes "Owners Only" Advance Training Site

                                               Available February 5th 2015


POWER DRIVE PERFORMANCE 4 "Best of Show" New Product Awards





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                                    H E A R IT  F E E L IT  S E E IT = PERFORMANCE

Every Power Drive Performance training aid purchase includes:

  1. Built for career product.

  2. Access to Owners web based training site with over an hour of training which is updated often.

  3. Professional training assistance from Winning Pitchers Academy. 

  4. A training company with deep passion for improving players skills and performance.

POWER DRIVES were Invented by JOHN MILLER at his WINNING PITCHERS ACADMEY & RESEARCH CENTER 9 years ago.  THESE ARE the ORIGINAL and only US PATENTED POWER DRIVES....the PITCHERS POWER DRIVE, SOFTBALL POWER DRIVE, HITTERS POWER DRIVE and GOLFERS POWER DRIVE.  All 4 POWER DRIVES have US Patents.  CHOICE of COLLEGE and PROFESSIONAL TEAMS because they work on an athlete's own gravitational force with their natural momentum delivery or swing.  OVER 700 COLLEGES, 24 MAJOR LEAGUE TEAMS, Thousands of High Schools, Academy's and Travel Club Teams.  Train properly with the Original Power Drives by Power Drive Performance and Winning Pitchers Academy / Research Center in Boston Massachusetts.

CONGRATULATIONS to KEN DUKE and Golfers Power Drive

Congratulations to Ken Duke for winning the PGA Travelers Championship!  CLICK here on 2nd sudden death hole.



We are professional trainers who developed training aids to help the students we teach 358 days a year at our Winning Pitchers Academy in Boston.  Working with other professional trainers, players and coaches we developed the four "Original US Patent" POWER DRIVE PEFORMANCE training aids that are used by the highest level athlete in each of their sports.  Here is WHY they work:

  • Power Drive Performance training aids are specifically designed for training a proper pitch delivery or swing
  • Design features that teach skills from the ground up using the body’s stronger lower body muscles to  maximize the kinetic chain for power
  • Specific design angles, height, weight and gravitational force resistance.  This is crucial to allowing a players natural momentum delivery or swing while learning proper mechanics of each sport
  • Specific gravitational force only pendulum designs without springs which allow practicing real game pitch delivery and swing mechanics
  • Instant auditory and kinetic “CLICK” feedback for multisensory learning at the right time of delivery or swing created by US Patent double power plate design


The Power Drive Performance training aids are the “ORINGINAL US PATENT” Power Drives used for baseball, softball and golf. 

  • US Patent power drive plate and pendulum design operates on athlete’s gravitational force ONLY to allow a natural momentum delivery or swing just like in a live game. NO SPRINGS to alter a delivery or swing creating poor balance, rhythm or causing an athletes body to collaspe.
  • US Patent channel mounting and bump up to pitching rubber design allows practicing in real game conditions from the mounds rubber with both the baseball Pitchers Power Drive and Softball Power Drive
  • US Patent channel mount around technology fits tight over the rubber preventing slippage or movement to allow a clean power drive 
  • US Patent gravitational force design allows proper timing of auditory click when plates contact each other from athlete’s natural momentum delivery or swing, at the right time.  NO SPRINGS which create a collapse noise with improper timing from an unnatural one specific body muscle applied hard to unload spring tension which creates poor balance and rhythm
  • Power Drive Performance training aids are already used by over 700 colleges, 24 MLB teams and thousands of high schools, academy's and club travel teams.  They only use the “Original” gravitational force US Patent Power Drives due to their knowledge on importance of training athletes in their natural momentum delivery or swing
  • Designed by professional trainers at Winning Pitchers Academy and Collegiate and Professional coaches
  • “Owners Only” web base training site which is updated often with professional trainers, college and professional coaches
  • Made in the USA of solid steel and built to last a life time with a 5 year warranty
  • Built to last a players and coaches' career

“Original US Patent - Power Drive Performance Training Aids – There are no substitutes 

The “Original” US Patent Power Drive Performance training aids are

  • Designed by PROFESSIONAL trainers and coaches
  • Built by PROFESSIONAL USA craftsman
  • Used by PROFESSIONAL teams and players