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Training Programs Winning Pitcher's Baseball Academy

Winning Pitcher's Academy is a team of professional trainers who spend thousands of hours each year working with pitchers and hitters to help them achieve their best performance. For over 18 years, they've been using their Advanced Computer Analysis for its lessons. It's critical for players to visually identify their strengths and opportunities when comparing their points of delivery, or swing, to top professional players. Just as important as the video analysis, the instructor's depth of knowledge transfers over to the player in the training lane, resulting in dramatic improvement of motor skills and performance.

The academy's unique multi-sensory training program yields a dramatic improvement over traditional and antiquated training methods. It uses a highly successful re-shaping process to focus on the pitcher's delivery and velocity as well as power to hitter's swing. Each trainee goes through a personalized re-shaping drill process using state-of-the-art Power Drive Performance training aids.

The academy's program has a long proven track record of improving the performance of thousands of players throughout its years in operation. In the last two years, 4 of its former trainees were drafted into the MLB with more expected in the coming years as more trainees travel from across the US to train at Winning Pitchers Academy.

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