Pitcher's Power Drive XX Professional - Includes Owners Only Training Site

Style: Brown Turf (PPDTBRB)
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Pitcher's Power Drive XX Professional - Includes Owners Only Training Site Brown Turf

The "Original and US Patent" design for Youth, HS, college and professional pitchers. Practice in real game conditions from the mounds rubber with US Patent mount technology. The US Patent pendulum design operates on athlete’s gravitational force ONLY to allow a natural momentum hip lead delivery just like in a game. No springs to prevent a proper hip lead, cause collapse or alter a natural momentum delivery. Black XX model is for larger physical sized HS, college and pro pitchers (6'3"+ 200+ lbs.) PPD includes free access to "Owners Only" web base training site for professional video instruction which is updated several times a year by our Winning Pitchers Academy. Professional trainers, pro & college coaches video instruction included. Used by highest level athletes, 24 MLB and over 700 collegiate teams train with the “Original US Patent” Power Drive Performance training aids. Also includes a black anti skid pad for flat ground drills. Replaceable 52 oz. turf with 3M adhesive back. Special 3M adhesive cures only at 80% to allow turf pad replacement. This allows life time use of PPD vs. normal glue that hardens at 100%. Team turf life is 4-6 years. Replacement turf pads are available from PPD. Built to last a player's and coach’s career. Solid ¼ inch steel weighing 21 lbs. Oven baked powder coated enamel surface. 100% USA built with American produced steel. All Power Drive Performance training aids carry a 5 yr. warranty. The best to your training and success on the diamond!